Don’t forget to include the top songs of 2016 into your events playlist

2016 has been a pretty full year for music – so, if you are planning an event soon, you will definitely have plenty of options to choose from. What are the 2016 songs you should definitely not forget about when creating your event playlist? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you want to find out more and create a playlist everyone will love.

·         Taylor Swift’s New Romantics. Beautiful and very high-energy, this song will make everyone want to sing-along – precisely because it is a feel-good piece with lots of “catchiness” and positive vibes to it.

·         Justin Bieber’ Sorry. Even if you are not a huge fan of Justin, this song will catch on to you – and it can be more than welcomed at your wedding reception. Fun tune people will surely appreciate when on the dance floor!

·         Jason Derulo’s Want to Want Me. A huge hit that’s been stuck in our heads for some time now, this song is a great option for the dance floor. Positive and really hopeful, this is the perfect tune to play if you really want those two friends of yours to “click” and get together.

·         Flo Rida’s My House. Want to turn the party on? This is the ideal song to do it! A total club hit everyone will recognize and dance to, My House is a really great tune to play at a fun wedding people will not forget very soon.

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